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Improving Mental Health Education and Research in Zimbabwe Programme

The aim of Improving Mental Health Education and Research in Zimbabwe (IMHERZ)  is to develop a sustainable and relevant innovative mental health education curriculum with a strong emphasis on community-based intervention research coupled with effective long-term initiatives to improve retention of graduates and the Faculty.

IMHERZ goals will be accomplished through:

  • Increasing expertise and retention of UZCHS psychiatry faculty,
  • Strengthening the implementation and sustainability of undergraduate mental health education,
  • Strengthening mental health research capacity across disciplines at UZ-CHS,
  • Monitoring the impact of IMHERZ on mental health education, research and practice at UZ-CHS.

IMHERZ operates as a consortium made up of a partnership of investigators who have a long history of international mental health and community-based research coupled with capacity building expertise,in order to achieve its goals. The Partnership includes joint projects in education and research between the Faculty at UZ-CHS with the Faculty at University of Cape Town, Institute of Psychiatry (London), University College London, University of Bristol and Harvard University. To view collaborators from the partner institutions click here.

In Zimbabwe, IMHERZ has a local steering committee that meets regularly to deliberate on programmatic activities and to review progress as well as plan for the future. The IMHERZ committee comprises the Faculty in the Department of Psychiatry including the Chairperson of the Department (also an IMHERZ Co PI), the Programme Director, the Programme Coordinator as well as the Programme Liaison Coordinator. To view the IMHERZ committee members click here.